GENERATE FREE POWER 24/7 even during utility company outages!

We design, sell and install off-grid solar.

• We offer Non-Grid Tie systems.

• 12v, 24v and 48v systems power up to 12Kw of 220 volts.

• Keep your utility power live for a few circuits.

• No re-connect fees to get back on the grid.

• "PLUG IN" to YOUR power instead of the utility company's.

RV Solar Components.

• Residential Roof and Ground Rack Systems available.

Small to Large Systems for Homes and Ranches.
Power levels up to 12Kw 240VAC from 48VDC.
Enough power for your whole home.

Medium 24v systems for most needs.
Power levels up to 6Kw 240VAC from 24VDC.

Enough power for medium sized needs.

12v systems for RV's and tailgating.
Power levels up to 5Kw 120VAC from 12VDC.

Enough power for most remote camping needs.

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What's Grid-Tied VS
Off-Grid Solar Mean?

Grid-tied systems are the usual type of solar PV system. Grid-tied systems are connected to the electrical grid, and allow residents of a building to use solar energy as well as electricity from the grid. Grid-tied systems do not need to produce 100% of the electricity demand for a home or business. When there is no demand for energy, the solar panels send excess electricity back out into the grid for use elsewhere. When a home or business is using energy, but the solar panels aren't producing enough energy (at night, or on a stormy day), electricity from the grid supplements or replaces electricity from the panels.

Living with a grid-tied solar PV system is no different than living with utility electricity, except that some or all of the electricity you use comes from the sun. Grid-tied systems do not provide protection from power outages. When the electrical grid fails, grid-tied systems will not continue to operate. This allows utility employees to fix the power lines safely without wasting time identifying solar energy systems that are still feeding electricity into the power lines.

Off-grid systems are most common in remote locations without utility service. But, we have found that they are great in town as well. Non-grid tie solar-electric systems operate independently from the local utility grid to provide electricity to a home, building, boat, or RV, etc. These systems require a battery bank to store solar electricity for use during night time or cloudy weather. A backup source of energy like a generator or an auto-switch device to switch to grid power is recommended. An off-grid solar system must be large enough to produce enough electricity to cover 100% of the energy needs of the circuits it powers. In all remote off-grid scenarios, electrical usage must be monitored and kept below the maximum output of the panels and batteries when there is no grid-source to supply excess power. Our auto-switch system eliminates this need in town and allows partial home coverage of the no cost power from the sun.

System components:

  • PV panels
  • battery bank
  • charge controller
  • inverter
  • safety (i.e. fuses, breakers)
  • auto switch to utility for
    uninterrupted power

× ground solar array
Ground mount Off-Grid, Non-Grid-Tie solar array.

× 12v solar panels
Off-Grid, Simple 12 volt solar panels

× AGM batteries
Off-Grid, Simple Solar 110 amp, gel-filled 12v batteries.

× panel intercept
Off-Grid, Simple Solar intercept sub-panel

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IRS Tax Credit Info

2019 Federal Tax Credit = 30% for all properties.
2020 Federal Tax Credit = 26% for all properties.
2021 Federal Tax Credit = 22% for all properties.
2022 Federal Tax Credit = 10% for commercial properties only.

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